Hypnotherapy Clients

"Earlier on in the year, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety following a prolonged series of very stressful life events.  I was at a very low point when I first began seeing Jayne for four months of weekly hypnotherapy.

Jayne has been rays of sunshine, bringing light in to where doors and windows had begun to close.  She has helped me more that I really feel I am able to express.  Her genuine warmth and welcome permeate from the moment she greets you, through the entirety of the session to seeing you back on your way to the outside world.  Her positive support and care stay with you between sessions.

Each hypnotherapy session with Jayne has been individually tailored.  I have felt so very at ease with being able to share my most private thoughts and feelings, safe and secure in the knowledge that I am with a highly respected professional and human being whom I can trust.

When on the couch for the 'trance' part of the session, time would cease. The rooms scent so appealing, the softness and comfort of the blankets, the lightness of the music playing in the background.......and Jayne's voice taking you far away to a deep place of relaxation where you begin learning to take steps on your new journey, a new way of being in the real world so that life can indeed be simpler, calmer and happier.

For anyone seeking support, whatever their circumstances, I would strongly recommend seeing Jayne for hypnotherapy."



"As dramatic as it sounds, Hypnotherapy sessions have been life changing. My appointments with Jayne were initially to address my poor relationship with food but very quickly, through Jayne’s encouragement and questioning I have been able to tackle stress and confidence. Jayne is very approachable and she explained in simple terms how hypnotherapy would work. As well as resolving the physical problems I had, it has enabled me to clear the background noise in my head. I feel emotionally stronger, more confident, calmer and able to make rational decisions. I would highly recommend these sessions." 


"Thank you for taking such good care of me through my transition from nervous wreck to calm lady. The hypnotherapy with you has enable me to get back in a car and go on holiday. An amazing result when you consider how deep rooted my anxiety was"!


 "I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy but thought I'd give it a try as my sister in law had experienced great results with Jayne and recommended I give her a call, what had I to lose?

Upon first meeting Jayne I could immediately see what a caring, warm person she was, she put me at ease straight away and I felt I could chat to her about my problems.  I went to Jayne to help ease my anxiety, I suffer with a balance problem which can be crippling at times and quite scary. Whilst I knew Jayne couldn't help with my medical condition (dizziness) she worked wonders with me for the anxiety it causes me.  Firstly we would talk about how my week had been, on occasion I have to say it had been awful, but just talking through things had an immediate calming effect, it really was like talking to a very understanding friend, and quite often we would end up laughing through the tears (mine!) therapy in itself!  I would then have the half hour of hypnosis,  Jayne's calming voice would relax me to the point of not being aware of my body, feeling like I'd melted into the couch and forgotten my worries about my off balance feelings, as I absorbed the positive, reassuring words spoken.

Week by week I felt more able to cope and brighter in myself, I felt able to return to work after having two months off due to anxiety, I managed to change my thought pattern from how  bad I was feeling to a more positive attitude and am still practicing this, though hard at times.

To anyone reading this wondering if hypnotherapy is for them, I'd say go for it, it definitely helped me without a doubt, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back if needed."

  "After having had a period of anxiety and depression I arranged to see Jayne for a period of 4 months of weekly hypnotherapy. She was warm and friendly and a positive support...encouraging me to set my own weekly goals to achieve. This helped me adopt a more positive thought process. Jayne showed interest and empathy with my problems and her voice during “trance” sessions was a major help in aiding my relaxation. She has taught me strategies to manage my anxiety and I now feel much more in control. This is aided by continued use of her CD which I use at home. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jayne for effective therapy. "


"I originally went to Jayne simply for relaxation and to help me sleep. It soon became apparent that Jayne could offer so much more and she helped me deal with not only the symptoms, but also the root causes of my depression. She is extremely easy to talk to and I felt relaxed and comfortable with her at all times. The treatment was individually tailored to suit my needs and as a result was incredibly successful; to be honest I miss our weekly sessions! I still use her relaxation CD to help me to sleep at night and I still continue to feel the effects of the treatment long after the course has finished. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jayne to anyone who is considering this very effective therapy".



"I’d seen Jayne’s information on the door inside the clinic several times, and after some thought decided I had nothing to lose by having a consultation with her. Put simply, I’d been getting over angry when it came to being on the road with what I consider less capable people than myself, that’s how I saw it anyway… I just seemed to be harming myself more than anyone else when it came down to other people and what I perceived to be their ignorance. 

The first time you meet Jayne she comes across as totally relaxed, friendly and confident. Very easy going yet professional at the same time. I was put at ease immediately and opened up 100%. She listened, considered, asked questions and then explained how she would go about helping me to relax and use my mind for my benefit. To cut a long story short, I had several sessions with Jayne, each time benefitting from these by drawing upon what we had discussed and  listened to during hypnosis… Basically I'm a lot calmer,  if I do feel myself getting angry, I am able to ease off straight away and relax, feeling a lot better than I used to… I could go on, but at the end of the day you have to help yourself, Jayne has all the tools to help you, but you have to listen and act upon what you’ve heard and discussed. If you are prepared to dispense with any cynicism and totally open up, it will work… it has definitely helped me… go on, believe me, you have nothing to lose and a hell of a lot to gain!!! "


 "I was going through a difficult phase in life when I visited Jayne for some Hypnotherapy sessions. She immediately put me at ease and was very easy to talk to. I wasn't sure what to expect from Hypnotherapy, but actually found it very relaxing. The results are very positive; I am happy to say that I feel much calmer and more focused since having treatment". 


"It's like having a personal trainer for your mind"

"Jayne has been so kind in helping me reduce my stress and anxiety levels over the past few weeks and has helped me come up with practical strategies on how to manage them in the future. Always kind and listening she has helped to bring positive change to my mindset, and I highly recommend her".  


Past Life Regression Clients 


I recently experienced a past life regression with Jayne Blatchford. I found the experience interesting and meaningful with regard to what I believe is a current theme in my present life.


Jayne was both professional and approachable.  I felt safe and found it easy to relax in her company and did not have any reservations about trusting her to take me through this process.  Jayne’s guidance through the regression was reassuring, I seem to remember that it took me some time to settle with some of the questions being asked but sensed her patience and willingness just to go wherever my experience took me, offering appropriate direction and moving me forward when necessary.  I remember being quite emotional at one point during the session to which she reacted kindly and reassuringly, staying objectively passive with just the right degree of empathy.


I would certainly recommend this experience to anyone who is inclined and would have no hesitation in recommending Jayne’s service.





Massage Clients


Jayne can judge you holistically before moving to the specific treatment that helps your problem. Jayne  seems to know instinctively what would be most benefiticial treatment for you.  You feel totally relaxed and valued in her capable hands".


'Jayne’s  a gifted practitioner, warm, friendly sensitive and utterly professional. I’ve been lucky enough to try several of  her  therapies and have loved them all. The Oriental Facial Massage was really effective in banishing puffiness from around my eyes and nose for a few days and at the same time felt gorgeous and relaxing. I also loved the neuroflexology treatment combined with a foot massage. Talk about feeling cherished and nurtured - it was wonderful! What’s more, the treatment helped me relax and, for a while, drop the state of high alert which had been persistent for a few weeks. I can really recommend treating yourself to some nurturing, supportive massage therapy with Jayne and will certainly be back for more!’


Jane is amazing, I had a massage and would highly recommend seeing her and her amazing healing hands.



I have been receiving treatments  from Jayne, at The Beacon Centre, for quiet a while and I can honestly say her approach to her clients is quite refreshing. Unlike other therapists  I have visited, she truly listens to her clients and due to her experience  and the variety of treatments she offers, she is able to tailor your session to totally meet your needs. I have problems with my lower back and neck, which Jayne has managed to keep stable. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.
Had an oriental face massage with Jayne, it was lovely.... so relaxing. It left my face feeling smooth and invigorated. I wouldn't hesitate to go again!
Oncology massage clients:
Very relaxing and comfortable massage


 I was able to forget my worries and health concerns very easily and just be present with the sensations of the massage
Calm atmosphere, very gentle practitioner, supportive, empathetic, good lister without asking too many questions.
Great feeling of being in a 'safe place', really able to relax.
A chance to comletely relax and let Jayne work out my stress and worries
The massage was perfect - a gentle touch with wonderful scented oil.
An hour of total relaxation and 'me time', so very important at this time.
Jayne explained everything in detail and made sure I was comfortable at all times - Fabulous


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